There was a time when people thought being environmentally conscious was purely a trend. However, it is now clear that making environmentally conscious decisions is important to people as individuals and for the earth and general. As you strive to build your home in an environmentally conscious way, you will begin to see benefits for your home and the environment around you.

Reuse Old Materials

An easy way to be more environmentally conscious when you build your home is simply to try to use and repurpose old materials. Reusing building materials can be more affordable, have a positive impact on the environment, and add character to your newly built home. Things like reclaimed wood are popular building materials that will add beauty and interest to your brand-new space. Talk to your builder about your options for using old materials so that you can create a more environmentally conscious design that also fits your aesthetic.

Reduce Fossil Fuels

It’s also important to consider the kind of energy your home will use once you have moved in. Investing in renewable energy when you build comes with a variety of benefits. Home solar panels remove nearly 10,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air every year. Using solar energy will also save you money once you’ve moved into your home. Home solar panels remove nearly 10,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air every year. If your solar panels produce more energy than you need, you can even sell it back to your local electrical grid.

Focus on Efficiency

No matter what kind of energy you’re using to power your home, it’s essential to focus on efficiency. When you build your home to be efficient from the beginning, it will help you to improve your impact on the earth and save money. The kinds of materials you choose to build your home can help you to increase efficiency and make your home more energy smart. You can also invest in technology like smart features that will help you to track your energy use.

When you have an environmental focus as you build your home, you can make smart decisions that will have a positive impact. Some people think that their individual environmental choices won’t make a difference, but together they can have a huge impact. Design your home with the environment in mind and you will see the benefits.

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Energy Start

H&H Home Builders have constructed Energy Star Compliant homes since we burst onto the building landscape in 1995 as ‘North Liberty’s Premier Builder’. Since then, Energy Star Guidelines have evolved into what we consider today as the pinnacle of efficiency and we, as builders of ‘green’ homes, have kept pace with those guidelines and have adapted them into each home that we build. H&H Home Builders will build you what is known today as a ‘green’ home, but what has always been lesser known as a ‘sustainable’ home. Sustainable homes are quality built so that they last not just decades, but are built to maintain value, encouraging pride of ownership for generations to come. An H&H ‘green’ Home uses raw materials in a responsible way, using fewer resources, resulting in the use of less energy.

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