Going green is more than just a fad—it’s a way of life that can have a significant difference on the environment. Having a greener home is a great way that you can help protect the natural world. You will be reducing your carbon footprint and helping keep the air you breathe cleaner. If you’re serious about sustainability, keep this in mind when moving to your new home.

Going More Green

There are several things that you can do in your new home to promote a greener way of life. One is to invest in more energy efficient appliances. By spending a little extra for a more energy efficient model. You can greatly reduce your yearly energy consumption. Although this is going to require a higher initial cost, you will get a great return through savings on your electricity bill.
You could even consider investing in alternative energy sources. Solar panels are a great way for your home to save energy and protect the environment. Solar energy doesn’t release pollution like natural gas energy or coal energy. There are even many government programs that can help subsidize the cost of having the panels installed.

Moving Out

Living a green life is all about living a life free of waste. You might be surprised by the amount of wasted space you have in your house. If your garage is full of unused junk, then you are wasting that space. You are also wasting those items. They could be being used by others if they weren’t sitting in your garage. Before you move everything, you should take an inventory of your belongings. Go through a checklist and only take what you really need/want with you to your new home. Make sure you knock out everything on the checklist before you leave. Any left-over items should be given away, thrown out, or donated.

Staying Green

Having a truly green home is going to take more than a well planned and furnished home. It’s going to take consistent effort. Fortunately, it’s not very hard. You just need to be more mindful about the things that you bring into your home. Are you using disposable plastic shopping bags? Switch to reusable bags to save plastic. What kind of packaging do your groceries use? Consider buying products that use less plastic and instead use more sustainable materials.
By going green, you are saving the lives of countless animals and possibly even humans. Pollution may not be a fast killer, but it is the culprit behind several health concerns. Not only that, but if you plan well, going green can give you a simpler and happier life.
Here at H&H Home Builders, we can help you achieve your dream of having a green home. Contact us for more information!

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Energy Start

H&H Home Builders have constructed Energy Star Compliant homes since we burst onto the building landscape in 1995 as ‘North Liberty’s Premier Builder’. Since then, Energy Star Guidelines have evolved into what we consider today as the pinnacle of efficiency and we, as builders of ‘green’ homes, have kept pace with those guidelines and have adapted them into each home that we build. H&H Home Builders will build you what is known today as a ‘green’ home, but what has always been lesser known as a ‘sustainable’ home. Sustainable homes are quality built so that they last not just decades, but are built to maintain value, encouraging pride of ownership for generations to come. An H&H ‘green’ Home uses raw materials in a responsible way, using fewer resources, resulting in the use of less energy.

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