There is nothing more frustrating than realizing your energy bills are going up without a good understanding of why. Figuring out how to make your home more efficient in a hurry can help you to save money on your energy bills and cut down on your frustration. Here are a few quick and effective fixes that will get your energy bills back down.

Replace Your HVAC Filter

One of the easiest things you can do to reduce your energy bills is to switch out your HVAC filter. When your filter is dirty, it works much less efficiently and can cause serious problems for your home, your energy bill, and your air quality. By changing out your air filter every month or two you can make sure that you maintain high efficiency and keep the air quality in your home as good as it can be.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

You might be surprised at how inefficient older light bulbs can be. Updating your lightbulbs can immediately improve your energy use and your energy bills. In fact, adding LED lights to your home can save you around $225 a year in energy costs.Whether you switch your bulbs all at once or slowly over time, you will start to see a change in your utilities each month.

Weather Seal Around Your Windows and Doors

When air can easily move from inside your house to the outside and vice versa, it can make your home’s efficiency much worse. This is because you will lose the cool air from your AC in the summer and the heat from your furnace in the winter. If you are looking to change the amount of your energy bills, weather sealing around your windows and doors is a great option. This will prevent air from moving between your home and the outside world which will prevent you from wasting money heating your front yard. Weather sealing can become less effective over time, so you want to check in on it every year or so.

Your home provides you with shelter and warmth, but you don’t want to pay more than you have to. Taking care of little things in your home can quickly take down your energy bills and help you to have a little more flexibility with your spending. Each of these tasks is a quick and easy way to improve the efficiency of the home you love.

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H&H Home Builders have constructed Energy Star Compliant homes since we burst onto the building landscape in 1995 as ‘North Liberty’s Premier Builder’. Since then, Energy Star Guidelines have evolved into what we consider today as the pinnacle of efficiency and we, as builders of ‘green’ homes, have kept pace with those guidelines and have adapted them into each home that we build. H&H Home Builders will build you what is known today as a ‘green’ home, but what has always been lesser known as a ‘sustainable’ home. Sustainable homes are quality built so that they last not just decades, but are built to maintain value, encouraging pride of ownership for generations to come. An H&H ‘green’ Home uses raw materials in a responsible way, using fewer resources, resulting in the use of less energy.

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