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“When it comes to customer satisfaction and quality products, our team at H&H Home Builders goes above and beyond to ensure we meet and exceed our customer’s high expectations. For years we have selected only the best contractors, trades people, designers, and consultants that truly understand our customers and the design and building process. As a team, we are dedicated to continued improvement in our sustainable, green homes and providing only the best service possible.”  

Our Process Guarantees Quality; Each and Every Time

Step 1 •  Design & Budget – 
As the first step in our comprehensive, five-part process, we begin by getting to know your style preferences and expected budget. Here we will work together to decide if you are going to utilize one of our stunning, pre-planned designs or if you plan on opting for one of our high quality, custom sustainable homes. No matter what your budget is, we plan aroud it to ensure you get a stunning, sustainable home be it a pre-planned model or a custom creation. Our team works together to make sure that the dreams you have for your sustainable home come true. During this phase you can expect budgeting, drafting, concept enhancements, preliminary selections, and specification development. 
Step 2 • Contract and Scheduling – 
During this step we guide you through the tedious yet important parts of the home building process. H&H Home Builders is dedicated to a personal relationship with our clients which is why we meet one on one to make sure you understand the contracts, payment structure, and the projected construction schedule. Our company never leaves any fine print unread because we know a full understanding of the process is important to our customers. After going through the contracts, payment schedule, and other areas of this step, you will meet our high quality supply partners and finalize the finishings on your home. This is where you start to see your dreams come to life!
Step 3 • Visualize & Build – 
One of the most exciting parts to our comprehensive system is the moment where you see your dreams begin to truly appear. We will mark, pour, and construct your sustainable home, guided by Energy Star requirements to ensure you get the most sustainable home possible. Communication is key during this phase, which is why we give progress updates and milestone meetings at the jobsite. H&H Home Builders does things differently, and our owners spend time on the job sites daily to ensure that all building processes are going as planned and are the highest quality. 
Step 4 • Quality Control  – 
H&H Home Builders is known for their exceptional quality control methods. We make the jobsite available and ready to you whenever you feel the need to come by and look at how things are going. During this time, you will notice our detailed task list as well as the specifications we have written to our contractors. Nothing beats the feeling of being handed your keys for the first time to walk into your sustainable dream home. This is the step where your dreams truly become a reality. 
Step 5 • Celebrate the Future –
We consider our client’s lifelong partners and friends, and we hope you will consider us for any work in the future. Throughout the years, you will enjoy the benefits of owning a sustainable, green home. From the lowered utility bills to the reduced carbon footprint-
H&H Home Builders are your home builders for a lifetime. 
Take the first step towards creating your sustainable home dreams and give us a call today. You will notice the H&H Home Builders difference during your free consultation! 
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