Making the Right Choice for Your Family

Choosing H&H Home Builders means choosing a company who has been backed by customer satisfaction for over two decades. We are the leading company in the area for your new house builders. Cedar Rapids has looked to us for years to build only the highest quality homes with the best construction possible. While other companies have focused primarily on building as many houses as possible, we have turned our attention to customer satisfaction and creating sustainable homes long before it was trending. We work hard to keep you happy, and your new home’s quality is our highest priority. Whether you want a quaint home or a luxurious multi-bedroom estate, we can build a gorgeous, energy efficient home to meet your needs. Give us a call to get started on your new home today.

What Do You Get With H&H Home Builders?

When you choose to build with us, you don’t just get a new home. You get a customized abode with energy efficient features and construction that utilizes raw materials to help protect vital resources. Over the years, Energy Start guidelines have become strict in order to help increase efficiency manufacturing from manufacturers and builders. We have worked hard to follow these guidelines exactly for a few reasons. The first being that we want to help contribute to making the earth a more clean place to live and the second reason is that we want happy customers who relish in their lower energy costs. Over a lifetime, you can save thousands with our sustainable homes. Not only are we a good choice to build a beautiful home, we are a good investment for the future! We also offer free consultations so that you know when you choose H&H Home Builders as your new house builders, Cedar Rapids residents will be able to make the most informed choice possible. To add to this, we warranty our work for a year after construction is done so you can rest easy knowing that you get the best construction and if anything goes wrong, we’ll fix it!

Recognition Within the Community

As leading sustainable new house builders, Cedar Rapids and multiple building associations and publications have awarded us with various recognition. We are proud to have the following behind our company name:

  • The first company to be certified in the area as a Green Building Professional
  • HBA Parade of Homes Quality awards
  • Featured in Better Homes and Gardens
  • Seven-year member on the HBA of Iowa State Board
  • Five-year member on the Habitat for Humanity of Iowa State Board

We have worked hard for this recognition and are happy that our work has been backed with these publications and awards.

Why H&H Home Builders?

As high quality new house builders, Cedar Rapids has been turning to us since 1995 to create high quality, sustainable homes. We provide services that other companies don’t, including sustainable building practices, energy efficient homes, yearlong warranties, free consultations, and customization options. Give us a call today and find out why so many people have chosen us for their new home builder.

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