When people think about entertaining their friends and family at home, they might think about having a nice dinner or game nights. One of the best places to host these parties is your backyard deck. If you want your guests to have a good time, you may want to think about adding new quality-of-life features to your deck.

An Outdoor Heater

Installing an outdoor heater is a great thing to consider installing—particularly if you live in an area that gets cold at night. This can also make your deck and patio fun to spend time at even in the bitter cold winter months. You just need to find the proper outlet to install the appliance.

There are two options to choose from: electrical and gas. Electrical heaters are generally less expensive and hands-off. They also last approximately ten years longer. Gas-powered ones need more maintenance and run the potential risk of leaking carbon monoxide, but are cheaper on a month-to-month basis.

Outdoor Furniture

The furniture you choose should be a carefully considered decision as well. While its style and feel are important, you also need to be aware of the ways outside weather can affect different furniture materials. Ignoring this can damage your stuff quickly.

For example, wood furniture can expand or contract when exposed to humidity or extreme temperatures. If you live in a climate that varies dramatically, you might want to leave these in the kitchen. Metal furniture can be unbearably hot in the summer, making it better for cooler or temperate climates. Rattan is a great outdoor furniture option, but you may want to bring it indoors if the winds are picking up.


Setting up some plant life on or around your deck may seem fairly straightforward, but there are a couple of reasons you may want to do this. For one, plant life is just really nice for décor and adds to the outdoor-ness of your party. It is great if you are having a casual meeting with a few girlfriends.

Taller plants like trees, shrubs, and hedges can also give you additional privacy, which is very important if you are having a big party. If you decide to add plant life to your deck, make sure you water and fertilize it frequently. Otherwise, there is no point in getting it in the first place.

Kitchen Equipment

One of the latest housing trends is adding full-on kitchen equipment to a deck or patio. While grills and smokers are typically common, you might want to cook something outside for a change. This works especially well if you are having a summer party on Memorial or Independence Day since you won’t have to constantly walk inside all the time.

Look for kitchen cabinets that work for outside dining. Stainless steel products are probably the best material to look for. Make sure that your design works between your patio and home exterior. Talk with installation companies to see what they recommend.

Excellent Lighting

Figuring out the type of lighting you want for a deck is also important. Adjustable lighting is becoming essential to accommodate different kinds of events you want your deck for. It is really up to your situation. Bright lights can help if you casually want to read or spend time with your family.

For other events, it may be better to have a dimmer light. Watching movies, games, or tv shows with a group requires low lighting to be effective. It is also great for romantic moments with your spouse. Just make sure you purchase the most cost-effective options that work for your family.

Backyard Fire Pits

The fire pit has become a staple in many American households. This accessory can be a fun way to entertain your children or just to casually make s’mores with your friends and family. There is a sort of novelty to spending time by the campfire that attracts a significant number of people.

There are different kinds of fire pits you can install based on your budget and wants. An authentic fire pit experience relies on wood chips, which can be a far cheaper way to do it initially. However, gas fires are generally safer to manage and easier to start than doing it the old-fashioned way. Get whatever you value more—convenience or tradition.

Outdoor Bar

This is kind of in the same vein as a kitchen, but an outdoor bar can also be accessible and exciting for parties with your friends. You can line your cabinets with nice wines and beer for easy access. Make sure you have plenty of glasses to spare.

Just like you would a kitchen countertop, pick out a material that will do nicely outside. You might even want to keep it simple with cheaper material. Either way, an outdoor bar can make sure everyone has a spot to eat or drink while they watch the game or party.


If you are looking to invest major money, consider building a gazebo. This may seem a little excessive, but it can add to the overall cool factor of your backyard. You can make it look stunning and beautiful. You might even be able to rent it out to people who want to spend a nice evening together.

Gazebos are certainly not common , but they can provide additional shade and grandeur to your parties. It ups the fancy and makes people feel special. Weddings, graduations, engagements, and other familial celebrations can take place here, and you can use them in the years to come.

No matter what you choose to do, just make sure you enjoy the deck you end up with. Make it whatever you want—an entertainer’s paradise, a reclusive space you can gather your thoughts or a place for family fun. The necessity of these items will depend largely on where you live. Some of them will be relatively cheap, but others might make a dent in your wallet. Choosing some of these will help you feel more confident as a host and your guests feel satisfied.

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