You probably haven’t needed to pick a solar provider for your home before. If you choose well, you won’t need to pick one for your home for probably twenty years or more! But, it’s a complex situation. You want to go green, and you want to make sure you get the best installation possible. You need to know how to find the best options, both for installation and care of your new solar panels. So how do you pick the right solar installation provider?

Clarify Why You Want Solar

Each participant in a solar program is interested in different benefits for their home use of solar power. Some are interested in the lower cost overall. Solar panels, depending on coverage, can pay for themselves in as little as five years! Some want to cover the biggest use of electric power in their homes and get a solar water heater. This can cut power bills in half! Some people are concerned, rightfully, about the environmental concerns surrounding fossil fuels. Others love the idea of being self-sufficient. All of these can be great reasons.

Ask the Important Questions

In the last five years, solar installation prices have dropped by 38 percent. More and more suppliers are competing in the market. However, many work directly for your electric company, and when they do installations, they give you a discount, only, on your bill. In return, they absorb the cost of installation, the panels, and maintenance. However, you might not receive the full benefit as you don’t own the panel. If you want to own it instead, there are other ways to do that.

Interview More Than One

Just as you would do with any other remodel or renovation, you need to interview more than one company and get several quotes. Adding solar panels is a remodel. There are several considerations involved, including making sure your roof is relatively new. An experienced contractor would look for and recognize complications for older homes. Likewise, you can’t select a contractor for any improvement merely on price. You need to find the best for the job.

Your beautiful home deserves well cared for solar panels, which provide you with all the electricity, heat, and hot water your family needs. Going green sounds complex, but you can do it! Go slowly and interview several contractors. You can save both the planet and your money!

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H&H Home Builders have constructed Energy Star Compliant homes since we burst onto the building landscape in 1995 as ‘North Liberty’s Premier Builder’. Since then, Energy Star Guidelines have evolved into what we consider today as the pinnacle of efficiency and we, as builders of ‘green’ homes, have kept pace with those guidelines and have adapted them into each home that we build. H&H Home Builders will build you what is known today as a ‘green’ home, but what has always been lesser known as a ‘sustainable’ home. Sustainable homes are quality built so that they last not just decades, but are built to maintain value, encouraging pride of ownership for generations to come. An H&H ‘green’ Home uses raw materials in a responsible way, using fewer resources, resulting in the use of less energy.

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