There are many steps to building a home. Before you start a build, you need to know how and all the important steps. Taking the time to learn everything about a build can help you make good decisions and the process go smoothly.

Understand What it Takes

To build a home you need to understand what it takes. A home can take from 8 to 9 months to build, and this depends on many factors. New housing developments can have existing plans to choose from. If you are building a custom home, you may need to plan additional time because of different permits and planning. You also need to factor in your location and the environment as location can mean materials take longer and you need to work around the weather. Building the home is also dependent on the subcontractors. You will have a final walk through and closing to finalize documents and receive the keys to your new home.

Start Talking to Builders

Finding the right builder is important when building your home. Do some research and talk to a few to see which one will be the best for you. Check which builders will work in the area you want your home first. You should then ask some important questions. You should ask how long they have been in business and about licensing. You need to know the type of home they build. Ask questions about features of a home. You should know who will be overseeing the home construction. You can ask to look at their current projects or model homes. Asking for references may also be a good idea.

Get to Know the Financials

The financial aspect of building a home is important to consider. It is a little different than buying an existing home. It may require multiple loans with paperwork and fees. You need to purchase land as well as paying for the construction costs. There are one-time close construction loans which convert to a traditional mortgage once your home is finished. You can lock in rates before construction begins. Two-time close loans offer a loan for construction and then repayment when construction ends. You could refinance into a permanent mortgage. You may need to do a larger down payment than on an existing home, more like 20-25% rather than 3%. Costs can vary greatly between building and buying especially if it is custom.

Buying a Lot

You need to have land already or a contract soon closing to start building your home. To choose one, start by researching areas. Builders or real estate agents or brokers can have some good resources for you when it comes to choosing the land. Builders can give you data on the history of the property and other surrounding developments. Real estate agents have access to listing services that will show you where property is for sale. Once you have found a lot, picture your new home on it. Be sure to check zoning laws, homeowner’s association rules, and deed restrictions. Get a builder’s perspective to know how your lot will impact the building of your home.

Create Plans

There are different options you have when building a home. You can do a fully custom build, semi-custom, or a spec home. A spec home will be the easiest option for purchasing a home. These have different plans to choose from. You can go with a builder to create a fully custom or a semi-custom home. A semi-custom home requires you to choose from plans from the builder and customize finishes. A fully custom home requires you to create plans with an architect and designer and get a quote from a builder. This leaves you with many decisions, a longer planning process, and more expenses.

Hire a Building Team

Many people work on building a home. A build can take an average of 22 subcontractors to complete the project. You should hire a general contractor who will oversee the project. They will be the one who gets estimates for materials and labor, hire subcontractors, assigning tasks, and meeting team deadlines. Your home requires many different materials and different projects that are all important to the finish of your home which a contractor will handle. If you want a custom home, you could also go with a custom home builder. A general contractor doesn’t specialize in custom homes.

Prepare Land

Before building your home, the land should be surveyed and evaluated. This is also an important step to focus on before purchasing a lot. This step can prevent further expenses. This will also help to inform you of any restrictions or zoning laws. Have a plan for your lot. This will help you know how to proceed with each step. Grading and excavating is the next step. This will be done by your building team. This step is important for the foundation and connecting utilities. Clearing the land will also be an important part of this step. Your building location is an important thing to think about during this process. Working with your builder, you can determine how your home will work on the plot of land.


The last part of building the home takes the longest. This is the part where the actual structure of your home will be built. The foundation is the first to be completed. Followed by framing, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC vent pipes. The siding and roofing can also be installed. Next is the insulation. This helps to provide a more comfortable environment for your home and makes it energy efficient. Next is the drywall, fixtures, and exterior finishes. The rest of the finishing touches will be completed and followed by a final walk through.

To build a home you need to first know all the steps. You should do your research to know what it entails and make sure you hire professionals who can help you. This will help the process go smoothly to build the house of your dreams.

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