It’s hard being a homeowner. Not only do you have to manage your property and focus on paying for your mortgage every month, but you also have to make sure it’s running effectively. One of the sure signs that things aren’t going as well as they could is a steep energy bill. Investing in worthwhile upgrades can keep your energy consumption (and in turn your utility payments) down.

Reduce Power Use

First, you need to make sure you are reducing the amount of energy you are consuming. Small actions and habits can pay off big time in this department. For instance, if you are consciously and consistently turning off lights when you leave rooms, you will have a greater chance of a lower bill.
Aside from intentional usage of energy that isn’t mitigated properly, you may also be wasting electricity without knowing. This often comes because of outdated appliances that you use frequently. It may be time to switch those out with more effective products.

Cut Reliance on Fossil Fuels

Second, you need to quit relying exclusively on fossil fuels to get your energy. There are plenty of great ways to do so, but likely the most practical and inexpensive way is by investing in solar energy. While installing a solar panel may seem expensive, it will pay itself off through the savings you receive on your power bill.
Solar energy is more flexible than people give it credit for. You can build credit with local power companies by sending excess solar energy back into the grid. You can also use solar as a way to become more independent if power grids shut down.

Focus on Insulation

Lastly, you should find ways to insulate your home. If you want your house to remain at a consistent temperature, it needs to be sealed up in every way possible. This will allow you to remain comfortable while saving as much energy as possible.
Invest in better insulation if yours is outdated or ineffective. Install energy-efficient windows or better tint to prevent sunlight from heating your home. Find ways to decrease the effects of the sun on your home. If you feel a breeze coming through a window or door, you might have to seal up the cracks with weatherstripping.
By doing these things, you will successfully reduce your power bills. Remain aware of the habits necessary to keep your bills down. Use alternative energy. Develop better insulation. These are all great ways to minimize your environmental impact and save money.

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Energy Start

H&H Home Builders have constructed Energy Star Compliant homes since we burst onto the building landscape in 1995 as ‘North Liberty’s Premier Builder’. Since then, Energy Star Guidelines have evolved into what we consider today as the pinnacle of efficiency and we, as builders of ‘green’ homes, have kept pace with those guidelines and have adapted them into each home that we build. H&H Home Builders will build you what is known today as a ‘green’ home, but what has always been lesser known as a ‘sustainable’ home. Sustainable homes are quality built so that they last not just decades, but are built to maintain value, encouraging pride of ownership for generations to come. An H&H ‘green’ Home uses raw materials in a responsible way, using fewer resources, resulting in the use of less energy.

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