H&H Home Builders: The Right Way to Build

For more than two decades, H&H Home Builders has been the premier company for residents seeking out professional, expert home builders. Iowa City has long trusted us to build energy efficient, beautiful homes to help save them money, contribute to protecting the environment, and create beautiful homes to last a lifetime. We specialize in all areas of home building, so whether you want a luxurious home that takes your breath away or a quaint little house to cozy up in and build memories, we are your go to company. Give H&H Home Builders a call and find out for yourself why so many homeowners have turned to us for their humble abode.

A Sustainable Home

Some people know a sustainable home as a “green home” and that is what we specialize in. We adhere to all Energy Star Guidelines in order to build you the most efficient home possible, helping the environment and saving you money in the long term by reducing your home’s energy use. As standards for sustainable homes have changed, we have kept up on them making sure to hold strong to our standards of green home building and creating a perfect, energy efficient home for you.
When it comes to great home builders, Iowa City residents trust us to create on the best home for their family. Not only do our sustainable, green homes last decades just like any other home, they do something that most don’t. Our homes have proven to maintain their value, and are a key selling point should the day come you need to say goodbye to your home and find a new one. Investing in a sustainable home is a choice to protect the environment, protect your finances, and protect your home’s value on the housing market in the future.

Why H&H Home Builders?

We do what other companies don’t. As top home builders, Iowa City residents know that they are getting a service that is second to none. We provide top quality construction and beautiful designs, incorporating this into our mission to provide sustainable homes for you and your family. We have numerous certifications, providing you peace of mind that when you choose H&H Home Builders for your home builders, Iowa City becomes more environmentally friendly and you save money. The awards that H&H Home Builders go to show that we have gone above and beyond for the community and have provided only the best green services to our clients. Why wait? Come see us or give us a call and find out how you can become part of the green movement, get a beautiful home, and save money all at the same time!

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