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By Dotcom Design 06 Dec, 2017

Roofing damage is a major concern because even a small issue can lead to major problems and expensive repairs. It can happen for any number of reasons and it there is never a good time to discover a leak, a fallen tree branch on the roof, damaged shingles, or any other type of damage. When you are faced with any type of roofing emergency, it is important to call on someone you that will do a good job and who will not take advantage of you in your time of need. Our team of home builders in Iowa City  have years of experience in roofing work and can help you identify, repair, and avoid common roofing issues.

 Here are the most common causes of roofing emergencies that we see on a regular basis:

  • Avoiding regular maintenance
  • Postponing damage repairs
  • Snow and ice accumulation in winter
  • Hail and wind damage during stormy season
  • Water damage from leaks and pipes
  • Shingle damage
  • Gutter clogs and issues
  • Flashing damages
  • Fallen trees and limbs
  • Wear and tear over the years
  • Use of harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Improper cleaning and care methods
  • Poor installation at the start

If you want more information or have questions or need help with your roofing issues, contact us today. For the best help from skilled home builders, Iowa City residents know they can trust us! Come see the difference we can make and see for yourself why more and more people are coming to us in their time of need and why they call us for their roofing repair and maintenance needs.

By Dotcom Design 30 Oct, 2017

Some home builders Cedar Rapids  have in town often advertised that they use sustainable building methods. In our eco-conscious world, you might be wondering exactly what that means. While sustainable building does not always include solar panels and geo-thermal heating systems, it does include manner other aspects.

Reduce Waste, Increased Efficiency

During the building process, improved project management is used so that fewer materials are wasted during the construction. For the home builders in Cedar Rapids  this can mean using pre-fabricated units of cabinetry, windows, roof-trusses that produce less waste than when building on-site. Special attention is paid to introducing improved insulation for the home and high-efficiency heating and windows. LED lighting, low-flow plumbing, and Energy-Star appliances may also be part of the design.

Protecting Our Workers and Your Family

Another part of sustainable building for the eco-friendly home builders Cedar Rapids  employs is ensuring that materials and chemicals are carefully selected to improve the quality and safety of the workplace for their employees while leaving a new home for the new family free of toxic gasses associated with traditional building methods.

Leaving a Better Environment for Our Children

Finally, the quality home builders in Cedar Rapids  use sustainable building practice to ensure that everybody's children inherit an environment with quality buildings that continue to support their world, instead of continually drain our resources over time. When selecting your contractor for your new home, make sure to speak to the sales representative about what options are available to you to make your new home as eco-friendly as possible.

By Dotcom Design 30 Oct, 2017

The following Q&A answers question as to why the best home builders Solon  has to offer, point to this contractor. This builder has over 20 years of experience in building green homes and presents many awards and endorsements for his vision in the green home building field before green homes started trending.

Q.  Why are home builders in Solon  building green homes?

  • Uses fewer materials
  • Protects the environment
  • Follows strict Energy Star Guidelines
  • All appliances and lighting are energy efficient
  • Homes last longer and do not lose value

Q. How do I choose the right sustainable builder?
A.  Get the Right Builder with a Bit of Research

Q. Who helps this builder create the green home?
A.  This contractor hires highly skilled craftsmen who are dedicated and devoted to the same ideals for sustainable homes?

Q.  Who else do these green home builders in Solon  have on their team?
A.  The best of the best architects and design experts dedicated to luxury, stunning sustainable living?

Q.  Any builder can profess to these things. What sets this builder apart from other contractors?
A.  This builder is seasoned and a highly experienced carpenter with over 20 years of experience in building green homes long before green homes started trending.

Q. If a customer wants a green home built what is the process they can expect?
A. Visit with this builder for a free consultation
The client is given all possible information so they can make an educated decision in green home building

Q. What is one significant factor these best green home builders Solon  offer?
A. This company offers all clients a one year warranty on all work because they are 100% backing all the work done on your green home.

By Dotcom Design 03 Sep, 2017

The best home builders Solo has to offer are skilled at working with a variety of systems in your house. However, there is a chance that your HVAC system may either be neglected or ignored during the process. This mistake can be dangerous because a good HVAC system helps protect you from a variety of contaminants. Here are why more home builders in Solon are concentrating.

Poor Planning Is Dangerous

When home builders in Solon don't pay attention to an HVAC system or plan poorly, they create the chance of letting in moisture to the system. When it gets affected in this way, it is possible that mold and bacteria will grow inside. The danger here is that the HVAC system will then spread these infectious items through the home and infect the respiratory system of residents.

Planning An HVAC System Properly

The best way to plan an HVAC system is to sit down with the building experts and talk about it with HVAC installation experts. You are going to want to add protective items, such as screens on the vents, to ensure that bacteria and mold don't invade. It is also necessary to install air filters and other items to keep moisture and other contaminants out.

So if you plan on contacting the best home builders Solon has to offer, make sure that you talk to them about your HVAC system right away. With their help, you can work together to create a high-quality home with safe air that your family will love.

By Dotcom Design 31 Jul, 2017

It can be very tempting to leave the services of one of the home builders Solon  has to offer and strike out on your own when building a new house. While there's nothing stopping you from buying a reclusive stretch of land down the river and up the hill, it can come with its own challenges you may not have considered.

Surveying the Potential Access

Yes, the bluff overlooking the creek is beautiful. How are you going to park your car in the driveway when there is no road? When you work with experience home builders in Solon  who have found prime real estate and created all the roads the new neighborhood will need, it's one less cost on your plate.

The Surprises of Excavation

Are you including the costs of installing a foundation in a swamp or on a huge boulder as part of your proposed new home? Highly trained engineers were consulted by your home builders in Solon , saving them plenty of time and money when positioning their new projects on reclaimed farmland.  

Where Are the Services Coming From?

Waking up to nothing but the song of crickets can be romantic. But don't forget that your telephone, internet, cable, water, sewer, electric, and gas all must be run to the new house. When you work with the local and experience home builders Solon  has to offer, it is less likely that you will be left without connections to all the crucial city services.

Doing it all yourself often sound exciting, but when buying your own lot, the path to building a new home can be much longer than expected.

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