Over the years, your once fantastic home has become a bit old hat, and you aren’t sure what to do about it. You’ve been talking to some home builders in Iowa City and expansion experts about this problem, and they suggest a variety of additions and renovations to improve the value of your home. Many of these high-quality changes are things that you’ve already been debating doing anyway.
As a result, you should talk to your builders right away about the following useful additions and add them to your home when you get the chance. Each of these extra home elements provides you with a unique benefit and will improve the appearance of your home in many ways. Just as importantly, they can also provide your home with an increased value that makes it worth more on the always fickle real estate market.

Extra Bedrooms Increase Your Value Heavily

One of the best additions that home builders can add to your home is an extra bedroom. When you add an additional bedroom to your house, you increase the number of people who can live there legally. As a result, you can typically charge more money for the house on the real estate market. And even if you don’t sell the home, an extra bedroom is great for when visitors come or if your children come back with spouses and children of their own.
A good bedroom should be large enough to include a bed and storage space for clothes and other items. Minimally, you’re probably going to want a room that is 10 feet by 10 feet. Even this small extra area is big enough for a bedroom and could expand how many people can stay in your home. And, just as importantly, it will improve the value of your home and make it worth more on the real estate market.
However, make sure that you don’t overdo this process and add more bedrooms than are necessary. Typically, you should try to have bedrooms for at least four people in a medium-to-large home. This is typically more than enough people for an average-sized home to support.
Four bedrooms should be more than enough because fifth, sixth, or even seventh bedrooms will often make the home more crowded by bringing in other members of the family and stressing out those who already live in the house. This fact is particularly true if your home is smaller and more compact with fewer private areas for everyone.

More Bathrooms Make Buyers Feel Comfortable

Another excellent addition that home builders can add to your home is one or more bathrooms. Extra bathrooms increase the comfort level of a home by forcing fewer people to share them. For example, a family of four with one bathroom may often end up fighting over it at the worst times. However, two bathrooms create a pretty even split that decreases the chance of issues.
And extra bathrooms on a second or even third story helps to make your home more comfortable for visitors. For example, you may have a large number of guest rooms on the second story but no bathroom. As a result, your guests need to come downstairs in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. This frustrating situation may cause some people to stop visiting you.
Even better, extra bathrooms can also improve the value of your home by attracting more potential buyers to your home. Even a small room with a bathroom and sink and little else can add some value to your home. Again, you need to balance the number of bathrooms in your home in a reasonable way. Typically, you’ll need no more than two and no more than one per story.
Anything more generally is overkill, unless you have 10 or more people living in your home. At this point, you’ll also need to expand your bedrooms to attract an even larger number of people to your home.

Expanded Kitchens Increase Cooking Space

The size of the kitchen is something that many homeowners and home builders debate heavily during the construction process. Some builders will try to argue that large kitchens are a waste of space and that the extra room could be used for more living areas. However, some people want a large kitchen so that they can cook great meals or store a large number of kitchen items more quickly.
Therefore, you may want to expand your kitchen to increase your home’s value. If you’ve ever watched any home improvement or real estate show, you may have noticed how often people complain about small kitchens. Expanding yours will attract people who want a sizable place to cook and is also likely to increase the value of your home by making it more desirable by more people.
This fact is particularly true if a large family moves into your home an needs a comfortable place to sit. Make sure also to increase your dining room appropriate to include a larger and more relaxing table for your guests. This option not only makes your home more enjoyable for visitors but attracts more potential buyers, increasing the price that you can ask for your house.
Again, you don’t want to make your kitchen too large or it might take up excessive space. For example, your kitchen should be no more than one-tenth of the space of your home or less. Adding any more room to the kitchen will make it dominate your home in a way that can be unappealing. Balance, as always, is necessary if you want to appeal to the most possible buyers.

Professional Help Ensures Quality Work

Although you might be able to do some of these projects on your own, you should contact high-quality home builders in Iowa City to help you out. Professional help ensures that your new addition is planned correctly and built to your exacting specifications. Just as importantly, it can avoid the kinds of lingering mistakes that DIY construction jobs often trigger. You don’t need to deal with crooked walls, uneven floors, or other problems in your new home when professional help is available.
So if you’re ready to add new additions to your home and increase its resell value exponentially, please don’t hesitate to contact us at H&H Home Builders right away to learn more about the benefits of this process. Our professionals will sit down with you and help you better understand the quality of our high-quality additions. Then, we’ll pick a few that go best with your home and your needs and build them in a quick and cost-efficient manner.

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