Protecting the environment is a great responsibility everyone should get involved in. The first thing people often think about is habitual changes—eating less meat, biking to work, and using less energy. However, there are also structural changes that you can make to your home that can improve your life and promote a green mindset.

Planting Trees

Adding some trees to your yard is an uncontroversial and great improvement project you can start right now. Trees are important since they combat global warming and reduce your carbon footprint. Forests in different parts of the world are being decimated, increasing the amount of carbon emissions wafting through the air.
Not only that but adding trees to your yard can reduce the amount of sunlight that finds its way into your home. This can save you on energy costs since you don’t have to have the air conditioning running all the time. Your tree may not make a monumental change, but it can make a difference.

Installing a Solar System

Using cleaner energy sources is another great way to protect the environment and save money in the long run. For example, installing a solar system means you’re producing clean energy that you can turn around and use to power your home. The initial startup cost may seem daunting, but if you plan on spending a long time in your current home it can be worth it.
Contact a solar power company in your area and see what their rates are. This may be challenging if you live in a rainier climate, so make sure you understand the pricing and how effective your power will be.

Make a Compost Pile

One way you can reduce the amount of garbage you are throwing out is by creating a compost pile on your property. Compost pile provides a place for organic material to eventually become reusable for other things. Compost can also be used to scare away pests and as a fertilizer.
Making a compost pile a designated space and time . Some people use bins to store different colors of compost, making the job move a little quicker. Make sure to regularly wet your compost pile, and turn it often. This can speed up the process. Though it doesn’t smell the greatest, it is a great practice to start.
These are three great projects you can start today! Becoming a better steward of the planet is a great responsibility. Following these steps can show that you care.
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