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By Dotcom Design 31 Jul, 2017

It can be very tempting to leave the services of one of the home builders Solon  has to offer and strike out on your own when building a new house. While there's nothing stopping you from buying a reclusive stretch of land down the river and up the hill, it can come with its own challenges you may not have considered.

Surveying the Potential Access

Yes, the bluff overlooking the creek is beautiful. How are you going to park your car in the driveway when there is no road? When you work with experience home builders in Solon  who have found prime real estate and created all the roads the new neighborhood will need, it's one less cost on your plate.

The Surprises of Excavation

Are you including the costs of installing a foundation in a swamp or on a huge boulder as part of your proposed new home? Highly trained engineers were consulted by your home builders in Solon , saving them plenty of time and money when positioning their new projects on reclaimed farmland.  

Where Are the Services Coming From?

Waking up to nothing but the song of crickets can be romantic. But don't forget that your telephone, internet, cable, water, sewer, electric, and gas all must be run to the new house. When you work with the local and experience home builders Solon  has to offer, it is less likely that you will be left without connections to all the crucial city services.

Doing it all yourself often sound exciting, but when buying your own lot, the path to building a new home can be much longer than expected.

By Dotcom Design 07 Jul, 2017

There are many emotions you as a homeowner goes through when searching for a new green home through home builders Cedar Rapids . It makes no difference if this is your first time buy or you want to sell your home and have a green home built. When you know what you want in your home, let your green home builder Cedar Rapids guide and direct you on the right path to realize your dream home.

Q.  What guarantees will my home builders in Cedar Rapids give me a green dream home?
A.  Your green contractor offers you a guarantee to design your new home, working within your budget.

Q.  Is there a process that my green home builder guides me through to lessen any confusion?
A.  There is an exact five step process which includes the following steps.

  • This contractor needs to know your style
  • Your preferences
  • Your expected budget
  • Review pre-planned sustainable designs or work up your individualized design
  • We get to know you

Q.  What path does my home builders Cedar Rapids follow for me?

  • Budgeting
  • Drafting
  • Concept enhancements
  • Preliminary selections
  • Specification development
  • Handles all contracts, explain contract information
  • Schedules construction work
  • Explains repayment
  • Finalizes furnishings
  • Meets with you and suppliers
  • Mark, pour, start construction
  • Follow Energy Star guidelines
  • Give you updates and arrange meetings with you
  • Encourage you to visit job site daily
  • We hand you your keys when your green home completes

Q. What can I expect from my new green home by home builders Cedar Rapids ?
A.  Lowered utility bills due to fewer resources used

  • Helps to save the environment
  • Maintains value
  • Quality built home

You never have any worries with this Cedar Rapids home builder and the process to build your green home. This contractor sets aside a definitive path and accompanies you down this path, guiding you from beginning to end with your new green home.

By Dotcom Design 31 May, 2017

One major goal that most prospective home owners have is to get a home that meets their unique needs and supports their lifestyles. The quality   custom home building Cedar Rapids   residents know will help you to have the home of your dreams. Just like with everything else, you will have to educate yourself about the process if you are to get a home that you will love. It is also necessary to understand the costs of building a custom home.

What are the differences between a regular and custom home?

The difference between a regular and custom home boils down to the quality of materials, level of detail and number of choices available. While a regular home will limit your options, the best   custom home building Cedar Rapids   offers will allow you to exercise your creativity.

What factors influence the cost of the home?

The cost of your custom home will depend on factors such as the square footage, the materials you choose as well as the timeline. You can discuss this with your builder so that you come with appropriate budgetary estimates.

How long is the construction likely to take?

The period of time it takes to construct a custom home will vary. However, the size of the home, the prevailing weather conditions and material delays will affect the timeline.

What does the process involve?

Custom home building in Cedar Rapids   has several steps. After the pre-building process, we will design, schedule and budget for the project. The will then do site analysis before construction and allowing you to move in.

H&H Home Builders has extensive experience in constructing   custom home building in Cedar Rapids . If you would like to learn more or hire us to build your new home, kindly contact us today.

By Dotcom Design 05 May, 2017

Being featured in many national publications, receiving awards, and getting recognition throughout Iowa City is because of the high quality services that H & H Home Builders provides Iowa City residents can look no further when it comes to searching for a   new house builder in Iowa City   because H & H home builders is the place that offers quality jobs and hard workers. They offer design ideas and can even work with clients that already have plans in the making. H & H Home Builders offers free consultations, where informed decisions can be made, custom options for your home can be decided on, and we even offer a one year warranty on the quality work. H & H has not been in business since 1995 with the reputation we have for no reason. H & H Home Builders only builds with a high standard to the customers, community, and the planet.  

There are no other companies that build homes like H & H home builders in the area. Being a New House Builder Iowa City there can be a lot of pressure, but that means nothing to us because we are committed to providing luxury homes at a great price and while holding to our sustainable home standards. We know a home is a place to make memories in and we also know how important it is to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your utilities year after year.

It is important to build with a company that is committed to creating the best home. H & H Home Builders has received many awards and has been recognized by some of the most prestigious home designed centered companies in the area. Some of the   recognitions   are: the first company in the area to be certified as a Green Building Professional, has been featured in the Better Home and Gardens magazine, they are a 7 year member of the HBA of Iowa State Board, and is a five year member of the Humanity of Iowa State Board.  

By Dotcom Design 03 Apr, 2017

Buying the beautiful new homes Iowa City offers can be a major milestone that marks a fresh start in your life. However, it is advisable to be mindful of some things before closing a deal. Once you buy a new home, you will want to enjoy peace of mind during the entire period of home ownership. The benefits offered by different homes vary widely, making it important to do a little bit of research.

Do I need a home warranty?

Some of the obvious costs that come with buying the new homes Iowa City real estate market offers are the home price, insurance, alterations, and upgrades. However, some of the hidden costs may include repair and replacement of various components. A home warranty can cover such repairs.

What are the long-term plans for the community?

There is a good chance that the home you plan on buying is part of a new community. This makes it important to find out whether all the homes planned for the area have been built or if other properties will be built in future.

How energy efficient is the new home?

Saving energy will translate to reduced utility bills, a factor that will ultimately help you to save money. While most builders market their homes as energy-efficient, it is important for home buyers to make energy efficiency a priority when buying a home.

Are there any regulations I should know about?

Buying new homes Iowa City will need you to establish whether the homes comply with all the home building laws are regulations in the area. This will also serve as an indicator of quality materials and construction.

H&H Home Builders promises to deliver quality and functional new homes Iowa City . When you buy a home from us, you can rest easy knowing that you have met all the required regulations and will enjoy a variety of options.

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